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Learn from the artists what all the buzz is about!

Hear the story of each sculpture as told by the artist. Using your cell phone: Dial 269-408-3053 (regular minutes apply).


Enter the figure’s dial number (listed here, on the printed map or name plate). Once you have connected, use the number buttons on your phone pad to:

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4. Krasl Art Center hours and history

5. City of St. Joseph history

fishing 001

1. Shark Tank

Artist: Midnite Remisoski
Sponsor: St. Joseph Today, Dial 164

fishing 002

2. Got ‘em

Artists: Kirstin Geldhof & Electronics Engineering Group
Sponsor: Whirlpool Corporation, Dial 158
Artist Bio >>

fishing 003

3. Tiger Shark

Artist: Sherry Hiler
Sponsor: Edgewater Bank, Dial 156

fishing 004

4. Mermaid Reef

Artist: Kathy Walker
Sponsor: Lakeland Care Network, Dial 155
Artist Bio >>

fishing 005

5. Sir Bites-A-Lot

Artists: Heidi and Ryan Schmaltz
Sponsor: Siewert Farms, Dial 167
Artist Bio >>

fishing 006

6. Fish Taco

Artist: Vicki Black
Sponsor: Olive Cart, Dial 159
Artist Bio >>

fishing 007

7. Lake Perch

Artist: Kathy Burczak
Sponsor: Abonmarche/Burczak Family, Dial 165
Artist Bio >>

fishing 008

8. Rise and Shine

Artist: Kelsey Woodfin
Sponsor: Jimmy John’s, Dial 157
Artist Bio >>

fishing 009

9. One Eyed Jack aka Card Shark

Artist: Sandie Mitowski
Sponsor: Wynn Waterjet & CNC, Dial 170

fishing 010

10. Car-P

Artist: James O’Haver
Sponsor: Cook Energy Center, Dial 169

fishing 011

11. Silvery Sly Shark

Artist: Ken Kaszubowski
Sponsor: Silver Beach Carousel Society, Dial 166

fishing 012

12. Fintastic

Artists: The Buoys and Gills
Sponsor: First Church of God Preschool, Dial 163
Artist Bio >>

Rainbow Fish

13. Rainbow Fish

Artist: Toni Laughlin
Sponsor: Hilton Garden Inn, Dial 160

fishing 014

14. Sharknado St. Joseph

Artists: Beth, Sam & Zach Mandarino
Sponsor: Holt Bosse, Dial 154

fishing 015

15. Fish Stix

Artist: Ali Hansen
Sponsor: Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council, Dial 151
Artist Bio >>

Irresistible Mi

16. Irresistible Me

Artist: Lana Wright
Sponsor: Chemical Bank, Dial 161
Artist Bio >>

fishing 017

17. Vegetarian Vinny

Artist: Courtney Bennett
Sponsor: Waterfront Framing & Fine Art, Dial 162
Artist Bio >>

fishing 018

18. Fishers of Men

Artist: Lori Ehlke
Sponsor: Professional Hearing Services, Dial 168

fishing 019

19. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Pond

Artists: Shannon & Chris Lockman, Sheila & London Krieger
Sponsor: Kilwins St. Joseph, Dial 152
Artist Bio >>

Shark Happy

20. Shark Happy

Artist: JoAnn Marsala
Sponsor: Comfort Suites - St. Joseph/Stevensville, Dial 153
Location: New Buffalo Welcome Center off I-94

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