Vegetarian Vinny

fishing 017

Artist: Courtney Bennett
Sponsor: Waterfront Framing & Fine Art, Dial 162


BennettArtPhotoIn my second year of participating in St. Joseph’s public art display, I strove to create the ever-paradoxical vegetarian shark. Largely inspired by Disney’s Moana, this lil’ guy hails from the colorful world of the Pacific Islands. Floral, tropical, and peaceful-loving in nature, he is only interested in leafy greens and good summer vibes.

I had the acute privilege of growing up on Lake Michigan; its creative effect has stayed with me ever since. I’m currently a senior at Michigan State University and I hope to pursue a master’s degree in Art Therapy. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to St. Joseph’s artistic environment. I hope Vinny can add a splash of color to your day!

A big thank you to Waterfront Framing for the support, and for making my participation in this event possible.