Artist: Heidi and Ryan Schmaltz
Sponsor: St. Joseph Today, Dial 151

hei ry 2016Ryan and Heidi are life-long farmers in Baroda and Stevensville. Their two farms raise grain, hay, Black Angus and Texas Longhorn cattle. Both Ryan and Heidi enjoy sharing their love of agriculture through art. Some of their past projects include Light Up St. Joseph – Herdsway Light Shining Til The Cows Come Home, Hot Cars Cool Beaches – Going to Market, Beach Bears – Bountiful Beauregard Bear, Snowmen – SnowGrinch, Hot Diggity Dog - Cornelius, the Corndog Outstanding in his Field, Farmland Lo-COW-Motive from All Aboard! – Planes, Trains & Helicopters, and Splishin’ and Splashin’ - Farmer Freddie Duck. This year they are excited to share Dozer the Tractor-Pillar.