Artist: Courtney Bennett
Sponsor: Lakeshore Excellence Foundation, Dial 160

Inspired by a fierce love of SPACE, I painted “The Great BEE-yond” with the intention of paying homage to something truly out of this world. Hoping to combine the idea of celestial mapping with the colorful qualities of galaxies, I wanted to portray a whimsical contrast between what we know of the universe and what we don’t.

I grew up on the lake, in Stevensville, and I’ve always loved art. Living here has been a huge inspiration; it has also given me the wonderful opportunity to get involved with events such as Chalk the Block and the 2016 St. Joe Public Art event. I’m currently a junior at Michigan State University and I hope to pursue a career in Art Therapy.

A huge thank you to The Lakeshore Excellence Foundation for sponsoring this project — and for continuing to work towards enriching the learning experiences of local area students to make a positive impact on the community.