Artist: Shannon & Chris Lockman, Kirstin Krieger
Sponsor: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro, Dial 156

Shannon Chris lockmanLocal Stevensville artists and family members Shannon & Chris Lockman, and Kirstin Krieger have a passion for art. Often they visit art galleries, concerts/symphony, the theater, and classic film festivals. Inspiration is often driven from these experiences and reflect in the many art pieces created throughout the year. This also includes participating in the St. Joseph Public Art Display. This year’s project is a whimsical snail sculpture titled “Snail-Vador Dali,” a reflection of prominent Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. To celebrate this legend, Snail-Vador is sporting an exaggeratedly long mustache, artist beret and paintbrush in his mouth. The vibrantly colored shell represents Salvador’s notorious colorful personality. The artists of Snail-Vador are proud to present this playful piece to the community and visitors of St. Joe. Previous projects include: Hot Diggity Dogs-“On Guard,“ Barnyard at the Beach-“Playtime With Donkey,” Lighting Up St. Joseph-“At Last,” and Splishin’ and Splashin’-“Bath Time Fantasy.”