Rise and Shine

fishing 008

Artist: Kelsey Woodfin
Sponsor: Jimmy John’s, Dial 157


woodfinMy name is Kelsey Woodfin and this is my second year participating as an artist for the City of St. Joseph Public Art Project. I am a local to the area and have been a big fan of this project from the beginning, so I am very pleased to be a part of it again this year.

My favorite aspect of living in St. Joseph is the lake. St. Joseph is such an amazing city, but I think we all would agree it wouldn’t be the same if it were not located on the lake. I love taking my dog on morning and evening walks in order to view our breath taking sunrises and sunsets over Lake Michigan. My fish “Rise and Shine” has been greatly inspired by the colorful skies I constantly see over Lake Michigan. I hope everyone enjoys my fish as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I would like to thank my sponsor, Deb Sailor Molitor and the St. Joseph Jimmy John’s. I truly loved working on this project, thank you so much for making it possible!