Artist: Kelsey Woodfin
Sponsor: Jimmy John’s, Dial 163

Layer 1I am a Local from St. Joseph MI, and have always loved living in the area. From the time I was a kid I can remember spending my summers coming to down town St. Joe for different events such as the Fourth of July fireworks, Krasl Art Fair, Venetian Festival, or for things as simple as watching the sunset on the bluff, or getting an ice cream cone from Kilwins. I have loved watching this city bloom into thriving community that puts such a big focus on bringing locals and tourists together through new and creative programs and events.

I was lucky enough to move to St. Joseph this past year, and I am thrilled to participate in this year’s public art program, Beach Bugs! I have always enjoyed expressing myself through art. My usual medium is pencil drawing, so painting my bug was a breath of fresh air for me, and I really had fun with the design. I hope that my “Love Bug” will bring a happy and loving sensation to all the visitors who happen to cross paths with her.

I would like to thank my Sponsor, Deb Sailor Molitor and the St. Joseph Jimmy John’s. It has been a blast to design and paint my “Love Bug”, thank you so much for making it possible.