Lake Perch

fishing 007

Artist: Kathy Burczak
Sponsor: Abonmarche/Burczak Family, Dial 165


IMG 0457This ginormous fish is a lake perch. He is indigenous to Lake Michigan and has always enjoyed hanging out around the pier and evading all the fishermen trying to snag him on a hook! This summer he thought why eat worms when you can come ashore and dine in style so he is spending this summer in downtown Saint Joseph enjoying all the downtown has to offer. Come perch on this lake perch as he is a bench for you to sit on and rest after a long day of shopping, wine tasting, and dining.

Hi my name is Kathy Burczak and this is my 13th year participating in the City of St. Joseph’s public art. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed drawing and although not an artist I do enjoy participating in the public art project and trying to come up with creative ideas. It is always fun to see kids enjoying the art. I am a landscape architect and have been employed by Abonmarche Consultants for over 24 years. Thanks once again to Abonmarche for helping to sponsor this year’s art. Thanks also to my family for co-sponsoring as this year with all of the custom welding necessary to create the bench seat it became rather costly. I would like to also thank Tony McGhee who donated the cool surfboard that we used to create the bench seat. The fish is painted with acrylic paints and he has a acquired a couple of stowaways - a bullfrog and a crab that are made out of epoxy clay with hardeners. These guys have come along for the ride. My style of art is somewhat cartoony and less realistic which is good since this fish is anything but realistic in size - he is the one that the fisherman on the pier are saying truly got away!