2. H-E-L-L-O

Artist: Electronics R & E Team
Sponsor: Whirlpool Corporation, Dial 152

Whirlpool Caterpillar team

Last fall, there was a global initiative to showcase “What does an Engineer look like?” Whirlpool Corporation embraced the challenge to exhibit the different ways engineering is utilized to make our quality products. However, one group took it to a level of fun interaction. Engineers are often stereo typed as having a single-minded focus, latent people skills, poor fashion sense, unbelievable rationalization skills, and little sense of adventure! Well H E L L O begs to break that mold!

H E L L O is a collaboration of seven individuals who contribute to Whirlpool Corporation’s Engineering teams. The process of working with our caterpillar was very similar to how we design a new appliance. It takes creative minds to execute the design, another group to figure out all the buzzers and whistles, and then a final team to ensure the original design intent is feasible. And that is how we tackled our caterpillar!

H E L L O embodies the principles of engineering; the team of engineers when tasked, made it their mission to create the functions, as directed, in the very best way possible. Engineers do not improve upon a design, which is a very large misconception; they make what you ask … actually happen. And perfectly! So when the opportunity to light, enable speech, take pictures, and create a lighting spectacle in a bug presented itself, the team stepped up and made it happen - perfectly!

Our team’s talents range from background lighting of products, software algorithms for timing cycles, sensor technology to know when things are finished or when a door is open. We also do lighting for the interior of appliances, sequence lighting (for effects and information,) cameras for refrigeration technology, and WiFi (which we utilize in many appliances for connectivity).

The design was created with children and families in mind, as well as to show visitors what an engineer can do with all that knowledge! All these skills along with a lot of fun went into the creation of H E L L O!

The greeting H E L L O gives is “Hello” in all the languages of the engineers that make up the electronics division: English, Spanish, Hindi, Polish, Chinese and Italian.

From all of us on the H E L L O team, we thank you for stopping by; and don’t forget to get your souvenir picture from H E L L O as well! The City of St. Joseph would love to have you post your souvenir picture on their Facebook page and if you wish to post to Whirlpool Corporation's Twitter account, go to @whirlpoolcorp. It's your chance to share the fun you had while visiting this year’s Beach Bugs sculptures!

The Team H E L L O participants are:

Brandon Arrendo: Sr. Electronics Engineer ~ Controls & Electronics, Software Writer
Responsible for the software programming for the WiFi interface, camera, lighting and sound
John Monteiro: Sr. Electronics Component Engineer
Project concept collaborator
Claudio Bruning: Sr. Electronics Engineer (not pictured)
Worked on the power supply to the various elements required to function within the bug.
Delfina Casique: Manager : Electronics Engineering ( not pictured)
Lent her voice to greetings from H E L L O
Eric Schuh: Lead Electronics Engineer
Developed power information, sensors, sound, and software assistance
Randy Jeffery: Lead Electronics Engineer
Camera, light sequencing and programming of both functions
Kirstin Geldhof: Electronics Prototype Expeditor
Project Lead, and artist of H E L L O

Special thanks to the Whirlpool Electronics Group, especially Sugosh Venkataraman; Chief Engineer, Davide Vitti; Director of Electronics for North America, & Mario Garcia; Hardware Engineer Manager for all their support. Also thanks to Carrie Schuh and the other volunteers for their artistic assistance!