Got ‘em

Got ‘em

Artists: Kirstin Geldhof & Electronics Engineering Group
Sponsor: Whirlpool Corporation, Dial 158


Got'emLots of hands help put Got’em together! Our ideas started flowing and then we took an about face on our concept when we saw how big the forms were! Wow! And we thought – wouldn’t that be a grand thing to pull out of the water?” And from there our fanciful fish came to be. Part Koi, part Parrott Fish, part Beta fish, and whole bunch of imagination brought our fish to life. Not sitting back our painting achievement alone we decided to add an element to enhance the evening. Over 1237 holes were drilled into the fiberglass form. And if you dine at Ryebells, from the deck l you will see a special insignia on the top of the head! Got’em is illuminated with LED’s to outshine and blaze through the patterns throughout the body. Of course this came about from the kid spirit in all of us!

Special thanks to Sugosh Venkataram , V.P. Electronics of Whirlpool Corp. for sponsoring our winter activity!
And to Mario Garcia, ACU Manager for his patience and support!

Designer / Painter: Kirstin Geldhof
Electrical: Claudio Bruning
Kinetic Fishing Lure: Paul Shirk and Scott Hansen
Drilling Holes: Mike MacKay & Troy Hamilton
Tawnya Clapsaddle – support efforts
And many more who held doors while we moved the fish between floors, and all the construction folks who made way for our project here and there!

It was a lot of fun! Thank you for visiting Got’em, enjoy your visit and your summer!