Artist: Kathy Burczak
Sponsor: Abonmarche, Dial 159

snail 1 2This happy go lucky snail was sailing the Great Lakes when he came upon Saint Joe and quickly decided to make this port town his summer home.

The inspiration for this snail is Lake Michigan, our number one asset for all of the recreational opportunities it provides for us like boating, kite sailing, surfing and paddle boarding. Not only are we fortunate enough to have the lake, but Saint Joe also boasts a quaint downtown filled with diverse shops and restaurants.

So come to Saint Joe this summer to visit the lake, the downtown and of course the Public Art and Come Snail Away!

My name is Kathy Burczak and this is my 12th year participating in the Public Art project for the City of Saint Joseph. I am a landscape architect with Abonmarche Consultants and have been with the company for over 23 years. I would like to thank Chris Cook and Abonmarche for once again sponsoring my art work as I appreciate their generosity and continued support. A special thanks to my husband Jim for all of his help with the art projects over the years. My projects would not have held up without his craftsmanship. Also thanks to Tony and Carolyn Moscardelli for helping with grouting each and every year that I decided to use mosaic tile :)

Facts About the Snail:
Over 130 hours of labor
Hundreds of stones washed and tumbled by the lake, hand selected and placed to fit together like a puzzle
8 tubes of adhesive caulk
18 lbs of mosaic tile
25 lbs of grout
64 ounces of grout stabilizer
5lbs of epoxy clay
Duck cloth for the hand sewn sail
PVC pipe and steel pipe for the mast with various hardware to support the mast and sail (Thank you. Jim!)
Various sealants, waterproofing and other miscellaneous items.