Artist: Ken Kaszubowski
Sponsor: Silver Beach Carousel Society, Dial 161

Ken Kaszubowski IMG 6778Ken is the creator of the “Beach Bugs” snail named Big Eli located in front of the Silver Beach Carousel, 333 Broad Street. He has always enjoyed doing art as a hobby and this is the sixth St. Joseph public art piece he has done. When Ken worked for Coloma Public Schools, he would paint murals in the classrooms. He has also taught stained glass classes in the community for 10 years. But Ken’s passion is carousels and band organs, something he discovered while growing up in Flint, Michigan. Now he is the main operator and head of maintenance for the Silver Beach Carousel. When you go down the bluff to see Big Eli, stop in the Carousel house for a ride – and be sure to wave to Ken as you whirl by.