Artist: Beth Mandarino
Sponsor: Holt Bosse, Dial 165

BethMandarinoBeth has been an art director/graphic designer for 32 years. She works part time for Holt Bosse. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is her 12th public art display for the city.

She’s always enjoyed dabbling in fine arts. She has lived in St. Joseph all of her life. In addition to art, her favorite pastimes include spending time with family (especially her ten grandchildren), enjoying the company of friends, walking on the beach, boating, sports, traveling, cooking and shopping.

“This is such a fun thing to do and a great opportunity to give something back to the city that I’ve enjoyed my whole life,” she said. “For Beach Bugs, I decided to do a very famous caterpillar created by Eric Carle, and cover his story from the time he was an egg to the time he blossomed into a very beautiful caterpillar. Kids will be able to read a condensed version of Carle’s story as well as count the many things the caterpillar ate.”

I would like to thank Holt Bosse for being my sponsor. Thank you also to the City of St. Joseph for the opportunity to do a figure, and for all the wonderful things they provide for the residents and tourists. I know many families that make St. Joseph their summer destination — especially to see what public art is in store for them each year!