Artist: Toni Laughlin
Sponsor: Cook Energy, Dial 157

FB IMG 1459979208519 2Hi my name is Toni Laughlin and I am the artist of 'A Bee's World'.

This is my 1st year participating in the St. Joseph Art Project and I'm honored to contribute to such a great event. My family and I have made this project a family tradition every year since the carousel horses. I am so grateful to finally share my talents for an amazing town!

Although I have no formal training, I have always been an artist at heart. My love for drawing began at an early age and I have tried to use my talent throughout my life. 'A Bee's World' is by far my largest project and definitely challenged my comfort zones as painting was not my Forte. I used a combination of polymer clay, acrylic paint, caulk, and sheet metal to create 'A Bee's World'. It took 145 hours to complete which really helped bring all the details together.

When I first seen the theme for this year, I had my concept within minutes. Something just clicked! I wanted to bring to light the need for bee conservation in an educational but fun way. As I researched the idea, I was surprised at how many of the things we use everyday that are directly affected by the bee population. I decided to share a few of the most common on the base of the statue.

I would like to Thank my sponsor : Cook Energy for their support and participation in making my 1st statue such a success. Without sponsors like them, this project would not have been possible. I would also like to Thank my family for their unconditional support!

I hope you enjoy 'A Bee's World' as much as I do!